Message from Father Shelton

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As our parish family prepares to participate in the Diocese of Knoxville’s Home Capital Campaign, I’m looking forward to seeing the many ways this campaign will benefit us. Half of the donations will help fund the long term needs of the diocese as a whole, which is one of the most vibrant and fastest growing dioceses in our nation. The elderly priests of the diocese, the students in our schools and the poor of East Tennessee will all benefit from the diocese’s half of the donations. We will also build our long-overdue cathedral, thirty years after St. John Paul II established our diocese. The other half of the donations will secure the long term capital needs of our parish, ensuring that our facilities are comfortable, safe and welcoming for years to come.

Thanks to the extensive review process initiated by Father Bede, and to the hopes expressed at our two recent Open Forums, the Parish Pastoral Council is now ready to approve its final recommendations for our capital improvement projects. Once the PPC makes its recommendations to me, I will offer everyone a “walk through” of our buildings and grounds to describe what the council is recommending. I’ll make final decisions on their recommendations only after everyone has had an opportunity to comment upon them.

If at any point you have any comments, questions, complaints or suggestions pertaining to the Home Capital Campaign, then please let me know.

In Christ,
Father Shelton