Another Great Year at Regional Science Fair!

The annual St. Mary’s School middle school science fair was held on February 18, 2016.  Projects were divided into two categories, biological and physical sciences.  Awards were determined by an expert panel of judges representing local civic organizations, industry, 2016 SASEF ALLand educational entities.  Fourteen St. Mary’s students received awards making them eligible to compete at the regional Southern Appalachian Science & Engineering Fair (SASEF) at the University of Tennessee on April 5 – 7, 2016.
The SASEF is sponsored by the University of Tennessee and numerous local companies and agencies and draws students from 23 counties in East Tennessee.  The goal of the fair is to promote teaching the scientific method in science, engineering and math.  Over the past 18 years, thirteen St. Mary’s students have been named Grand Champion or Reserve Champion at SASEF.
Thirteen of the St. Mary’s Science Fair winners participated in this year’s SASEF.   St. Mary’s is proud to announce that our students received the following overall awards, certificates of excellence, special awards and honorable mentions:
 Overall Awards:

  • 3rd place– Amelia Van Berkel, “Water, Water Everywhere, but not a Single Drop to Drink”
  • 3rd place– Catelyn Krings, “All the Buzz”
  • 4th place– Anna Kasemir, “World Wide Whisper”
  • 5th place– Ryan Rearden, “”Do You Hear What I Hear?”

Certificates of Excellence: Jacqueline Audet , “Is That Cat Fat?”;  Amelia Van Berkel, “Water, Water Everywhere, but not a Single Drop to Drink”;  Anna Kasemir, “World Wide Whisper”; Catelyn Krings, “All the Buzz”; Sydney Mesmer, “Earth Lovin’ Oven”;  Ryan Rearden, “Do You Hear What I Hear?”; Ashlyn Riikola, “A Stomach’s Worst Enemy”;  Sarah Tackett, “Pearly Whites”
Special Awards:  Amelia Van Berkel, “Water, Water Everywhere, but not a Single Drop to Drink”- Women in GeoSciences, NOAA Taking the Pulse of the Planet, NOAA Local Chapter award;  Anna Kasemir, “World Wide Whisper”- Naval Science Award, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Award; and, Jacqueline Audet , “Is That Cat Fat?”- SASEF Committee Award
Honorable Mentions:  Ryan Audet, “Speed Versus Mass”; Joseph Duhamel, “And the Eye Color Is?”; Mateo Gorrondona, “Can You Keep It a Little Warmer in Here”; Paige Halcrow
, “Bacteria Counts”