New Parish Bulletin Guidelines

Saint Mary Parish Bulletin

A. The purpose of our weekly bulletin is to provide to parishioners pertinent and timely announcements and updates, especially those pertaining to parish events, opportunities and needs.
B. In order to ensure that each parishioner reads the bulletin weekly and in its entirety, the editor should keep the bulletin succinct, fresh and relevant.
C. Submissions from parish staff and sodality officers should be made to the editor by no later than Monday at noon.
D. Parishioners who are neither staff nor sodality officers should make submissions to the pastor, rather than the editor, at least two weeks in advance. Such submissions must be truly relevant to the whole parish.
E. The editor should avoid the kind of repetition of articles and other postings that reduces readership. As a rule, submissions may run for one week. In exceptional circumstances, the pastor may, upon special request from the person making a submission, permit the editor to run the submission for up to three weeks.
F. The bulletin may include a list of upcoming events, with items repeated over several weeks.
G. The editor complies with requests from the chancery, and from pastors of adjacent parishes.
H. Flyers are not usually permitted. In exceptional circumstances, however, the pastor may, upon request from the person making the submission, permit the inclusion of flyers. Such requests must be made at least thirty days in advance, and should be published in accordance with our agreement with the publisher.
I. Information on the bulletin cover is intended primarily for visitors and new parishioners. Paid advertising is under exclusive control of the publisher.

Approved by Father Shelton on October 19th, 2016
Effective January 1st, 2017