St. Mary’s Competitive Chess Team Continues to Succeed!

Secret City Tournament: Luke Cheadle 1st place, Elliot Barnes 2nd place, Genevieve Robinson 1st place, and Miko Zolnierczuk 4th place

Secret City Tournament: Luke Cheadle, 1st place; Elliot Barnes, 2nd place; Genevieve Robinson, 1st place; and Miko Zolnierczuk, 4th place

St. Mary’s School competed in the Secret City Chess Tournament on Saturday, November 5th at Oak Ridge High School. The tournament hosted 42 teams comprised of 76 students. Both unrated and rated levels included teams from grades K-3, 4-6 and 7-12. Genevieve Robinson, Elliot Barnes and Miko Zolnierczuk competed in the unrated 7-12 division and brought home a 1st place team victory for the second year in a row! Individually, Genevieve Robinson won 1st place, Elliot Barnes earned 2nd place and Miko Zolnierczuk finished 4th competing against 7th-12th graders in their division. Luke Cheadle competed in the unrated 4-6 and won 1st place!
Winter Scholastic Open: Luke Cheadle- 1st place

Winter Scholastic Open: Luke Cheadle- 1st place

St. Mary’s Chess club members continued to demonstrate their skill when they competed in the Winter Scholastic Open in Lenoir City on December 3, 2016. Elliot Barnes and Genevieve Robinson competed in the rated 7-12 division. Luke Cheadle competed in the unrated 4-6 level and placed 1st place overall!
St. Mary’s Students showcased their problem solving, visualization and critical thinking skills in these tournaments. Congratulations to our St. Mary’s Chess Club! Thank you, Coach Teri Wiest, for teaching and refining their skills!