The Easter Vigil

A lot of things are being called “the mother of all __” these days, usually bad things like battles, bombs, lies, etc. But over fifteen centuries ago, Saint Augustine of Hippo in Africa used the phrase with great joy to describe the Christian Passover Vigil as the “mother of all the holy vigils”. This most holy night includes the singing of the Exultet, an ancient text that is virtually the same today as it was a thousand years ago. Then, we recall the mysteries of our salvation as we listen attentively to a series of key Biblical readings. Later, we welcome new Christians into the Holy Church through the Initiation Sacraments. Of all the adventures of Christian life, divine worship is our summit, and the Passover Vigil is the flag atop that summit. I’ll meet you there at 8:30 tonight!

Tomorrow, the Mass schedule follows the usual Sunday schedule: 8 am, 10 am, noon; Spanish at 2 pm.