St. Mary’s School Students Excel in the You Be the Chemist Challenge

St. Mary’s 8th grade students, Molly Deinhart, Anthony Filigenzi, and Genevieve Krass, competed on Saturday, April 29, 2017 in the State You Be The Chemist Challenge®.  We are pleased to announce that both Anthony and Molly advanced to the quarterfinals (top 15) and that Anthony continued to the semifinals and finished in fourth place overall for the state.  The You Be The Chemist Challenge® is sponsored by the Chemical Educational Foundation® (CEF), a nationally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing science education. CEF’s fastest growing program is the You Be The Chemist Challenge® (Challenge). The Challenge is an exciting academic contest that uses the drama of competition to encourage grade 5–8 students to explore important chemistry concepts, scientific discoveries, and laboratory safety. Think spelling bees or quiz bowls but with science questions!
The Challenge operates on three competitive levels: local, state, and national. Top Local Challenge competitors advance to State Challenge competitions, and one winner from each State Challenge advances to the National Challenge held each June in Philadelphia, PA. CEF creates the educational content, industry and community members organize and/or sponsor the events, and educators reinforce science concepts with all of their students through the supplemental study materials.