Summer Open Forum Notes

[Notes taken by Deacon John DeClue and reviewed by the pastoral council.] Fr. Shelton started the meeting in Columbus Hall at 6:00 PM with the Angelus.
Lois and Frank Callaghan donated Our Lady of Oak Ridge Statue.
Walt Bogdanowitz donated the Chapel Crucifix.
Home Campaign
· HVAC replacement is the most expensive improvement in the Home Campaign.
· Home Campaign improvements to be implemented by priority.
· Renovation of the Church basement (cafeteria/ social hall/ rest rooms) is in planning/design stage (mechanical and acoustical)
· Renovation/upgrades must be according to current building code.
· The Women and Men Restrooms to be converted into storage and the Boardroom converted into restrooms.
· Facility renovations will require approval by the Diocese.
Discussion about the facility
· Electronic timer/lock was installed on the Columbarium.
· Chapel access through side door is a temporary measure until Chapel double-door security feature is installed (locking mechanism with card reader access).
· Ramp to Adoration Chapel side door, railing, and overhang.
· Fall Festival (October 27/28, 2017)
1. Lenna Aird will chair the Organizing Committee for the Fall Festival again.
2. Junior High activities under consideration such as kickball
· Corpus Christi / Father’s Day Celebration (Jun
1. Eucharistic Procession after the 10 AM Mass.
2. Knights of Columbus will host a cookout at 3 PM at the House.
Suggestions/ Initiatives
· Need for Improved communication between parishioners and clergy.
· Mission Masses (Mass celebrated in a parishioner’s home) have been a success with the Spanish-speaking community. To be extended to the English-speaking community in the Church.
· Outdoor Masses. The last one celebrated in 1995 with the appearance of the Bishop.
· Meet-the-Priest Night
· SMS student should have opportunity to attend Mass daily.
· Home visitations
· Need to increase men’s participation in the activities of the Church. (Guilds are CCW affiliated.)
· While the goal is to grow membership in the parish Church, the life of the parish should not be built around the personality of the priest or social events.
Fr. Shelton adjourned the Meeting at 7:07 PM with a prayer and blessing.