75th Anniversary Events

Bishop Adrian of Nashville established Saint Mary Parish on August 22nd, 1943. He did his part, and for 75 years we’ve done ours, relying always upon the grace of God. Now, it’s time to celebrate. We’ll have one anniversary event each month from Pentecost to Advent. Participants in each event will have a chance to win a framed image of “Our Lady of Oak Ridge”.


May 23rd at 6 pm: Mass and Dedication of Founders Wall (in the Parish Life Center).

June 27th at 6 pm: Mass and Dedication of Saint Mary Walking Trail.

July 25th at 6 pm: Mass and Dedication of Saint Mary Social Hall (present cafeteria).

August 22nd at 6 pm: Founders Day Mass and Banquet.

September 23rd at 10:30 am: Outdoor Mass and Parish Picnic (N.B.: no 10 am, 12 noon or 2 pm Mass that Sunday).

October 17th at 6 pm: Mass and Commemoration of the 1958 Dedication of the Our Lady of Oak Ridge Peace Statue.

November 5th at 6 pm: Saint Mary Parish Open House.


Petition to the Mother of Christ,
Patroness of Our City

Pray, Our Lady of Oak Ridge, for us all.
Pray for humanity:
for those who suffer poverty and injustice,
violence and hatred, terror and war.
Help us to contemplate with the Holy Rosary
the mysteries of Christ who is our lasting peace,
so that we may all commit ourselves
to a persevering dedication to peace:
in our hearts and homes,
among neighbors and among nations.
Look with special attention
upon this city of Oak Ridge,
and encourage us to invite all our searching neighbors,
into the mercy and peace of your Son.
Guide us to become the face of our Heavenly Christ,
as we serve others here on earth.
Pray for us, Our Lady of Oak Ridge,
now and at the hour of our death. Amen.