Staffing Updates

Please join me in welcoming Monse Mayorga to our parish office staff. Monse will be our new full-time Parish Office Secretary, effective Monday, September 17th. The duties of the Parish Office Secretary include: hospitality and response to parish office visitors; editing weekly parish bulletin and overseeing other parish communications; maintaining sacramental archives and recording Mass intentions; oversight of office equipment and supplies; cooperation with parish clergy and lay ministers, school teachers and parish support staff, etc. Monse has years of experience as an office secretary, and will be a good addition to our staff. Monse is a daughter of parishioners Juan and Lupe Mayorga, Lupe being a long-time Spanish-language catechist in our parish. Monse’s email address will be:

Diane Wright will continue serving our parish as a part-time office secretary. Diane’s email address remains:

Cyndi Panter will help train Monse. Cyndi will then transition into a new position as our parish Ministries Coordinator. As such, Cyndi will be responsible, in varying degrees, for overseeing the recruitment, training, support, encouragement and retention of parish volunteers (e.g. office, liturgy, catechesis, facilities, etc.), as well as ensuring Safe Environment compliance. This oversight will include working closely with existing volunteer coordinators, and supporting existing undertakings and procedures pertaining to parish volunteers. An important aspect of the Ministries Coordinator responsibilities will be directing the formal religious education of our public school children. Cyndi’s email address will be, beginning October 1st, and you can continue contacting her at for the remainder of this calendar year.

Karen Vacaliuc has agreed to serve as interim Director of Religious Education for the month of September. Her email address is for the remainder of this month.

Last, but not least, please join me in thanking Father Collins for his years of service to our parish. On Tuesday, I’ll ask the pastoral council to help plan a fitting send-off event for him. Father Collins completes his service here on October 14th. A replacement for Father Collins has not been named.