60th Anniversary of the Dedication of Our Peace Statue

Bishop Adrian of Nashville dedicated our peace statue under the very special title “Our Lady of Oak Ridge” on October 12th, 1958 as a peaceful symbol of hope during both the international Cold War and the national movement against Jim Crow segregation. Next week on Wednesday evening (October 17th) we will gather together to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the dedication of our Marian peace statue. Feel free to invite other interested Oak Ridgers to attend. If convenient, please bring flowers for the procession. Our celebration begins with Mass in the church at 6 pm. After the Post-Communion Prayer a solemn procession replaces the usual benediction and dismissal. The congregation follows the celebrant and ministers to the image of Our Lady of Oak Ridge (with special attention to any elderly or disabled participants, please). Once the procession reaches the peace statue, members of the Callahan Family (which donated the statue) will lead everyone in placing flowers at her feet. We will then recite the Prayer to Our Lady of Oak Ridge*. The ritual concludes with the singing of the Salve Regina. Afterwards, everyone is invited to the potluck supper in the Family Life Center (317 building). Please note that the Open Forum that would normally be held this Wednesday evening (third Wednesday of each month at 6:45 pm) will be preempted by the potluck supper.

*Prayer to Our Lady of Oak Ridge

Pray, Our Lady of Oak Ridge, for us all. Pray for humanity: for those who suffer poverty and injustice, violence and hatred, terror and war. Help us to contemplate with the Holy Rosary the mysteries of Christ, Who is our lasting peace, so that we may all commit ourselves to a persevering dedication to peace: in our hearts and homes, among neighbors and among nations. Look with special attention upon this city of Oak Ridge, and encourage us to invite all our searching neighbors into the mercy and peace of your Son. Guide us to become the face of our Heavenly Christ as we serve others here on earth. Pray for us, Our Lady of Oak Ridge, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.