Pastoral Council Candidate List Finalized

–UPDATE (October 17th): Elections will be held on November 4th and 5th.–

The following parishioners have agreed to serve as candidates for the two opening seats on the Parish Pastoral Council: Michael Barnes, Paul Hight, Gail Ludtka, Bill Olka, Mark Pinchback and JJ Wilder.

The Parish Pastoral Council is one of two advisory councils at Saint Mary’s (the other council being the Parish Finance Council). The purpose of the Pastoral Council is to advise the pastor for the growth and betterment of the parish and to assist the pastor in formulating programs and policies.

The members of the council should be a praying community and by their example lead the parish to a fuller life of prayer. They should be sensitive to the movement of the Spirit among the people of God in the parish and be truly representative of all members of the parish in their advice. They are to support the pastor in his role as shepherd of the parish. They should foster unity in the parish, encourage full participation of parishioners in parish life, and promote ongoing dialogue among the staff, parishioners, and the various parish organizations.

The pastor, whose advisory council this is, other clergy assigned to the parish by the bishop, the religious sister assigned as school principal, the Parish Finance Council chairperson, the Knights of Columbus grand knight and the Council of Catholic Women president are ex officio members of the Parish Pastoral Council. Parishioners shall elect six representative members. Elected members of the council shall serve three year terms. Annually, two council members shall be elected to fill vacancies created by members whose terms are due to expire.

The Pastoral Council oversees five parish committees: Divine Worship, Facilities, Hispanic Ministry, School Board and Youth Ministry.