Time Capsule

To conclude our 75th anniversary celebration, Father Shelton is asking key groups in our parish to write messages for parishioners to read during our 100th anniversary. The signed messages from these groups will then be placed into a time capsule to be opened in 2043. Each group will describe how they experience life in our parish today, and how they expect life in our parish will be in 25 years. They will also include joyful messages of faith, hope and love for the SMOR parishioners of 2043. Participating groups include: school grades K-8, our youth group, our CCW guilds, our Tuesday Senior Coffee Group, our Society of Saint Vincent de Paul conference, our parish office staff, our school staff, our pastoral council, our liturgical music ministry, our Legion of Mary praesidia and our Knights of Columbus council. Groups should send Father Shelton their messages before December 1st.