School Music Teacher Notice

Message from Father Shelton:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Yesterday afternoon, the chancery informed me that our school’s newly-hired music teacher is suspended from employment in the diocese, pending an investigation into an allegation of sexual abuse of a minor. The abuse is alleged to have occurred at Sacred Heart School, Knoxville, in the 1990’s. I will provide pertinent updates as these become available. Please visit the Diocese of Knoxville website’s “Safe Environment” page for further information on the process for responding to allegations of abuse.

Sister Marie Blanchette and I want to assure you that a safe environment for the families and parishioners of St. Mary’s is our first priority. Please let us know if we can help you in any way or if you have any questions.

I ask for your prayers for all who will be affected by this lawsuit and its publicity.

In Christ,
Father Shelton