Public Masses Suspended

Effective Friday, March 20th, the public celebration of Masses in the Diocese of Knoxville will cease until concerns over the spread of the coronavirus subside. Bishop Stika has requested that all small adoration chapels in the diocese be closed. All churches remain open for daily adoration, allowing people to spread out. “I do this with great regret but with prudence and care for all,” Bishop Stika said. “I have also mandated that all parish and diocesan meetings be postponed until after this crisis has passed,” he added.

At Saint Mary’s, the parish office will remain open, but please call the office rather than coming in person. Our Friday Way of the Cross is cancelled, but you are encouraged to make the Way of the Cross privately using either the stations in the church or the stations along the walking trail. The food pantry and the farmers’ market remain open as scheduled, but with modified procedures.  All other scheduled gatherings in parish facilities and on parish grounds are cancelled.  Scheduled Mass intentions will still be honored at private Masses.

Families with children are free to use parish grounds for outdoor family activities.

Also, please consider making online donations to the parish to help us compensate for the considerable lack of Sunday collections. The vast majority of Sunday Mass collections go to pay the salaries and benefits of our parish employees.