Employment Opportunity: Youth Ministry Coordinator

Saint Mary Parish, Oak Ridge is seeking a full-time youth ministry coordinator for our youth ministry programs (junior and senior high).  Send résumé to: pastor [at] stmarysoakridge.org.

Purpose of Position:  The Youth Minister Coordinator (director) is a member of the parish staff who provides primary leadership for the design and implementation of parish ministry to its youth.

Responsibilities & Expectations:

  • Plan, develop and implement a schedule of social opportunities for the youth of the parish to form community identify and establish peer relationships within the parish community.
  • Plan, develop and implement a schedule of service activities for the youth of the parish in order to develop their sense of responsibility to and awareness of the needs of the parish community and the Diocesan church community and the larger social community.
  • Keep youth and parents informed of Diocesan programs, social, service and retreat opportunities through distribution of a calendar of scheduled activities and promote such within the Parish.
  • Recruit adult youth leaders to maintain adequate supervision and provide for safety at all times.
  • Planning, develop and implement varied youth ministry programs for parish youth.
  • Where appropriate, refer youth and parents to suitable updated reading and resource materials for youth spiritual and catechetical information and enrichment.
    • Determines appropriate curriculum for High School and Middle School age youth. Assures proper balance among components as outlined in Renewing the Vision Document, i.e. catechesis, prayer and worship, social issues and services, guidance and healing and community building.
    • Discerns emerging youth ministry needs; develops modifications and enhancements to meet needs as they develop.
  • Maintain current catechist and youth ministry Diocesan certification and attend formation programs when appropriate to the Ministry.
  • Maintain current records on all youth participating in programs and all adult leaders insuring permission slips and all appropriate forms for gathered programs when off campus. Insures all adult leaders are in compliance with Diocesan Safe Environment policy
  • Manage youth ministry budget as approved by the Pastor.
  • Organize and supervise suitable fundraising activities for youth ministry.
  • Provide supervisor with quarterly and annual program activity reports and evaluations.
  • Recruit Youth for active participation in the life of the Parish


  • Active member of the Roman Catholic Church with the knowledge and ability to share the Catholic faith.
  • Paraprofessional helping/counseling listening skills, crisis intervention and referral skills, group processing and facilitation skills.
  • Organizational skills, including time management, delegation, planning and budgeting.
  • Ability to design and implement a variety of youth oriented programs.
  • Ability to work with parents and children of all ages.
  • 3-5 years’ experience in parish youth ministry.
  • Fluency in English and Spanish preferred.
  • Certification in Youth Ministry preferred.
  • Knowledge of adolescent/pre-teen spiritual/personal development, youth cultures and sociology.


The Profession of Faith

  • Catholic Beliefs—understanding the Creed and the core beliefs of the Catholic faith.
  • Holy Trinity—introduction to God’s unique self-revelation as three in one and some implications for living Christian faith and spiritual life.
  • Jesus Christ—exploring the meaning of the Incarnation, the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, his death and resurrection, and the call to discipleship.
  • Church—understanding the origins of the Church in Jesus Christ and understanding and experiencing the history of the Church and its mission.

The Sacraments of Faith

  • Sacraments—understanding the role of the sacraments in the Christian life and experiencing the Church’s celebration of the sacraments.
  • The Church—understanding the reason for and beauty of the Church; identifying the necessity of the Church for our salvation.
  • Church Year—understanding the meaning of the liturgical seasons of the Church year and the scriptural teachings presented through the Lectionary.

The Life of Faith

  • Life in the Spirit—understanding how the Spirit dwells in our midst in a new way since Pentecost and understanding that God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.
  • The Dignity of the Human Person—recognizing the divine image present in every human person.
  • Morality and Living a Virtuous Life—incorporating Catholic moral principles and virtues into one’s life and moral decision making.
  • Personal Growth—discerning the Spirit at work in their lives and incorporating the Catholic vision of life into personal identity.
  • Relationships—developing and maintaining relationships based on Catholic values and the meaning of Christian community.
  • Sexuality—understanding the Church’s teaching on sexual morality, understanding the Church’s positive view of sexuality as a gift from God, and understanding the importance of valuing chastity and sexual restraint.
  • Social Justice and Service—understanding the importance of respecting the rights and responsibilities of the human person, appreciating our call to be stewards of creation, and discovering and living Jesus’ call to a life of loving service.
  • Grace as Gift—recognizing God’s indwelling spirit in our lives and responding to this gift, which justifies and sanctifies us through God’s law.
  • Lifestyles and Vocation—discerning how to live the Christian vocation in the world, in the workplace, and in marriage, single life, ministerial priesthood, permanent diaconate, or consecrated life.

Prayer in the Life of Faith

  • Christian Prayer—understanding and experiencing the many forms of prayer in the Church—especially prayer through the church year—and the importance of the “Our Father” in Christian prayer.


The Profession of Faith

  • Jesus Christ—discovering the meaning of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus and what this means for living in Christ’s spirit today.
  • The Mystery of the Trinity—understanding and experiencing the triune God.
  • Revelation—understanding the revelation of sacred scripture and sacred tradition.
  • Old Testament—developing the knowledge and tools to read the Old Testament and to understand its meaning and challenge for us today.
  • The Gospels—developing the knowledge and tools to read the Gospels and understand their meaning and challenge for us today.
  • Paul and His Letters—developing the knowledge and tools to read Paul’s letters and to understand their meaning and challenge for us today.
  • Faith and Identity—exploring Catholic beliefs and what it means to live as a Catholic today.

The Sacraments of Faith

  • Sacraments of Initiation, Healing, and at the Service of Communion—understanding the sacraments and how they are both personal and ecclesial, evoking a response from each of us.
  • Worship—developing an understanding and skills for participating in the sacramental life of the Church, especially the eucharist.

The Life of Faith

  • Catholic Morality—applying Catholic moral teachings to contemporary life situations as one encounters the many complexities in our world.
  • Conscience, Virtue, and Sin—understanding and uncovering the desire to turn toward God and to do good and to act in accordance with God’s grace, understanding the meaning and impact of sin, and learning to make decisions in accordance with one’s rightly formed conscience.
  • Justice and Peace—understanding that the Catholic faith calls people to work for justice, to pursue peace, and to defend human dignity, and developing skills to act for justice, peace, and human dignity.
  • Lifestyles and Vocation—discerning how to live the Christian vocation in the world, in the workplace, and in marriage, single life, ministerial priesthood, permanent diaconate, or consecrated life.

Prayer in the Life of Faith

  • Christian Prayer—understanding and experiencing the variety of Christian prayer traditions and discovering and responding to the Spirit’s personal invitation to develop a personal prayer life.

Saint Mary Parish: Clergy, Lay Ministers and Support Staff


Parochial Vicar: assists pastor in overall administrative and pastoral care of the parish; works especially with pro-life efforts, Confirmation preparation, scouting and the Knights of Columbus.

Parish School: the school follows policies and procedures established by the bishop, the pastor and the principal; the principal is advised by the School Board of the Pastoral Council.

Deacons: assist priests in overall pastoral care of the parish; Dcn. Gary works especially with evangelization efforts and environmental concerns; Dcn. John works especially with Matrimony preparation.

Lay Pastoral Associate: assists pastor in overall administrative and pastoral care of the parish, especially in addressing sensitive situations requiring wise, confidential advice.

Lay Ministries Coordinator: works primarily with religious education and liturgical ministries, as well as administrative office support when needed; works with the Divine Worship Committee of the Pastoral Council.

Director of Liturgical Music: directs volunteer and paid music leaders and choristers for Mass and other liturgical rites; works with the Divine Worship Committee of the Pastoral Council.

Director of Youth Ministry: provides wise counsel and spiritual accompaniment to the youth of the parish.

Director of Hispanic Ministry: directs activities of Hispanic parishioners when these activities are manifestations of Hispanic culture; works with the Hispanic Ministry Committee of the Pastoral Council.

Facilities Supervisor: oversees maintenance and janitorial staff and volunteers; ensures that all facilities (buildings and grounds) are properly maintained; ensures that IT networks, hardware and software are properly maintained; works with the Facilities Committee of the Pastoral Council.

Parish Bookkeeper: keeps the financial books for the parish; ensures that staff and bills are paid on time; processes new employees; follows applicable accounting guidelines of the diocese; supervises Bookkeeper Assistant; reports to the Finance Council.

Safe Environment Coordinator: assists parish clergy, religious and staff in ensuring that the parish is in full compliance with all applicable norms and policies pertaining to the protection of children and vulnerable adults from abuse on parish grounds, in parish activities or by parish leaders and volunteers.

White Elephant Thrift Store: Manager and Assistant Manager provide material assistance to families in need; volunteer Thrift Store Bookkeeper keeps the books and reports to the Parish Bookkeeper.

Parish Communications Secretary: provides secretarial support for comprehensive communication of parish news to parishioners and other local residents.

Parish Administrative Secretary: provides general secretarial support to parish clergy.