Pentecost Sunday and Our Pandemic Response

On March 25, 2021 Bishop Stika revised his “Decree Concerning Public Mass and Gathering Directives and made some significant changes. Most importantly he intends to restore the obligation to attend Sunday Mass effective Pentecost Sunday (May 22-23, 2021).

Fr. Shelton asked the Divine Worship Committee’s (DWC) subcommittee on COVID protection to review the revised Decree and make suggestions with regard to implementation of these directives. The DWC listened to the subcommittee’s recommendations then voted to present these to Fr. Shelton who approved the following changes which will take effect on Pentecost Sunday (May 22-23, 2021):

• The separation distance of 6-feet between each household group will be reduced to 3-
feet. This will allow the parish to utilize all pews in the church. We will continue to
require masks at all Masses, and we ask parishioners, to the extent possible, to space
themselves so they are slightly more than the length of an adult male’s arm between
themselves and those in the pew in front of them.
• We will continue releasing parishioners after Mass row by row in a controlled manner,
however, the ushers will release parishioners from both the front and the back of the
church simultaneously. Those exiting from the front can use either the St. Mary’s Door
or the St. Joseph Door however, if someone in the front wants to leave through the rear
through the narthex they will need to wait until the parishioners in the rear have
• We will begin bringing the offertory gifts from the back of the church to the Priest saying
Mass. An adult will carry a tray containing the gifts and the family of the adult who
carries the gifts are encouraged to accompany the gifts. At the present time the ushers
will continue to take the collection to the safe in the Sacristy.