Urgent Prayer for Peace

The story of our parish unfolds along our walking trail. From our Memorial Bridge, dedicated during the 75th anniversary of our parish to the memory of all the departed teachers who served in our school since 1950, to Saint Mary Church, built by parishioners in 1962, we are surrounded by the memories of parishioners, both living and departed.

Between the Memorial Bridge and the church, our trail loops around our peace statue—Our Lady of Oak Ridge—dedicated by Bishop Adrian in 1958 as a symbol of hope during the Cold War. As a Marian image of peace, Our Lady of Oak Ridge is of special significance to us now as we witness invasive warfare of a kind unseen since Bishop Adrian established our parish during World War II. Entrusting atomic research to her maternal care, and our city to her peaceful reign, the bishop gave our city a patroness eager to intercede on our behalf for peace in our world.

So, as her adopted children, we, the sons and daughters of Saint Mary Parish, flee to our Heavenly Mother in this time of distress, calling upon her under her peaceful title Our Lady of Oak Ridge, asking her to intercede on behalf of our fragile world of nations in turmoil, assured that we do so accompanied by the faithful departed who once called Oak Ridge their home.


Pray, Our Lady of Oak Ridge, for us all.
Pray for humanity:
For those who suffer poverty and injustice,
Violence and hatred, terror and war.
Help us to contemplate with the Holy Rosary
The mysteries of Him who is our lasting peace,
So that we may all commit ourselves
To a persevering dedication to peace:
In our hearts and homes,
Among neighbors and among nations.
Look with special attention
Upon this city of Oak Ridge,
And encourage us to invite all our searching neighbors,
Into the mercy and peace of your Son.
Guide us to become the face of our Heavenly Christ,
As we serve others here on earth.
Pray for us, Our Lady of Oak Ridge,
Now and at the hour of our death. Amen.