Hiring Parish Bookkeeper

Saint Mary Parish, Oak Ridge, Tenn., is hiring a Parish Bookkeeper.

Principal responsibilities: preparation of payroll, associated taxes, and reports; providing computer input/output services for accounting and census; preparing bank deposits and record receipts; coding and payment of outstanding invoices; reconciling parish books (including parish school); preparing financial statements as requested; maintain tuition and school accounts; work in cooperation with Parish Finance Council and Diocese of Knoxville Finance Officer; other parochial bookkeeping responsibilities assigned by the Parish Pastor.

Job Qualifications: bookkeeping, computer, and organizational skills; ability to meet deadlines; ability to maintain confidentiality; ability to perform outlined tasks; knowledge and skill in using personal computers; previous training and/or experience in bookkeeping.

Work hours: 35 hours per week. Vacation and benefits are determined by the Diocese of Knoxville policy.

Send resume and a cover letter to: bookkeeper@stmarysoakridge.org