Our parish Facility and IT Manager, George GoLightly will be retiring this summer, after spending 8 years at our parishGeorge has worked tirelessly on our campus to not only, maintain our facilities on a limited budget, but to manage and improve the security of our campus with major technological improvementsReplacing George won’t be easy, but if you know someone interested in applying for the position, please refer to the bulletin or parish website for additional information.

There will NOT be a 6:30am Mass on February 16, 19, and 20; due to a School Break.

The Parish Office is Closed on Monday, February 19th due to the Federal Holiday.

On Friday, February 23rd, the Parish Music Ministry will lead a Choral Presentation of the Stations of the Cross, beginning at 6PM in the Church.

The February 23rd Friday Lenten Dinner at 6:30pm in the Social Hall will be a Pierogi Dinner.