Making a St. Mary’s Education Available to Everyone


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Information on the Cost of a St. Mary’s Education

St. Mary’s School and Parish are committed to making an exceptional Catholic education accessible, affordable, and available to students from all backgrounds. This commitment is the hallmark of our faith as part of the educational mission of the Church.

We appreciate that a St. Mary’s education is an investment for every family. However, we want to maintain a diverse student body and help to ensure that a St. Mary’s education is available to all families, regardless of their ability to pay.

How is this different from other private and Catholic schools in the area?

St. Mary’s School and Parish will work with every family to determine a tuition amount that is manageable for their household. Families have the choice between requesting tuition evaluation by the parish or accepting the standard diocesan tuition rate. The set tuition for the Knoxville Regional Catholic Schools is $7,245 for one child, with the amount per child decreasing for each additional child in the family. With that amount as a ceiling, tuition will be set for each family according to their individual family budget. Families who prefer not to participate in the tuition evaluation process can choose to accept the standard tuition set for the Knoxville region.


How does a family know if they qualify for tuition evaluation?

Few families at private schools find it easy to pay tuition. Most adjust their spending priorities and carefully manage family income and assets to determine the amount that will be available for their child’s education. However, many families will need to apply for tuition evaluation no matter how carefully they manage their finances or secure other sources of support.  St. Mary’s will work with every family. There are no income limits for applying for a tuition evaluation. If a family would like to be considered for tuition evaluation, they should apply with their school application or during enrollment (for current families) to be considered. To help the school objectively assess what a family can contribute toward educational expenses, a trusted third party (FACTS) is used. Online applications for the 2018-2019 school year can be accessed at FACTS Management. Click on Grant and Aid.

Who sees the financial information that we submit?

Families submit their information to FACTS, who will send the results of their review to the Knoxville Regional Catholic School Operating Fund evaluators. They will make a family contribution recommendation to the school. From there, the pastor and school administration review the results of all recommendations with the utmost respect for the privacy of each family submitting an application. All information submitted is confidential. Families will be contacted to set a time to meet and discuss the recommendations before the agreement is finalized.

Should families delay applying for tuition evaluation until after a child has been accepted?

No, families with a child applying for admission should apply for tuition evaluation when submitting their application to the school. Online applications for the 2018-2019 school year can be accessed at FACTS Management. Click on Grant and Aid.


The financial commitment and sacrifice families undertake in sending their children to a Catholic school is understood and appreciated.  We recognize that a St. Mary’s education is a major investment and one that can be a challenge for many families.  While we expect our families to take primary responsibility for the cost of their child’s education, St. Mary’s is firmly committed to helping families afford this educational choice. In turn, our school community benefits by attracting students that otherwise would not have been able to attend.


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We have two boys who attend here…one in 2nd grade and one in the pre-k program. I could not be happier with the education they are receiving. I ❤️❤️❤️St.Mary’s and all of the teachers who make this school so AWESOME! I feel like a must give a special shout-out to the pre-k program…our oldest did not attend pre-k because we did not live in Oak Ridge at the time…I wish that he would have been able to attend. Our 4 year old is writing out names, numbers, learning Spanish, and drawing like there’s n…