Father Brent Shelton, St. Mary’s Pastor – Phone: (865) 482-2875 Ext. 1

Welcome to our Parish!  We’re glad you’re here.

As Christians, we are adopted brothers and sisters of Jesus, who is the Son of God and Son of Mary.  We belong to the family of faith established 2000 years ago by Jesus Christ himself.  We believe this family includes: all the holy patriarchs and prophets of Israel, the holy apostles and martyrs of Christ, the souls who have left this life but still await eternal life, and those of us still living on earth who hope to live forever as a family with God.

We believe in the Ten Commandments revealed to Israel through Moses at Mount Sinai, and in the Beatitudes revealed by Christ in His Sermon on the Mount.  We believe our Eternal Father is divine, that the Virgin Mary is human, and that Christ is both divine and human.  We believe that just as the priests of Israel offered lambs in sacrifice to God at the Temple in Jerusalem, Christ now offers Himself, as the Divine Lamb of Sacrifice, into the arms of our Eternal Father in the Heavenly Jerusalem, and that He does so for our redemption from slavery to sin, and to give us eternal life within the Blessed Trinity.

We believe there is a place for you in our family of faith, and we are eager to welcome you.  The “light is always on,” and the “door is always open”, so come on in!  We want to meet you and hear your story.

In Christ,

Father B. Shelton

Shepherd of Our Lord’s Catholic Flock in Oak Ridge