The Dominican Tradition

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Dominican Tradition

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While every school in which our sisters teach has its own distinctive history and culture, the presence of Dominican religious brings a consistent and unique element to each of our schools. Four particular features mark education in the Dominican tradition.

When the Dominican Order was founded in 1216, there was a significant need in the Church for educated religious who were active and mobile. St. Dominic built the Order upon four elements which our sisters bring to the schools in which they serve: preaching, study, prayer, and community. While the size of the student body and the specific curriculum vary with each school, commitment to a strong Catholic identity imbued with the Dominican spirit remains consistent.

The purpose for which St. Dominic founded his Order was that of preaching and the salvation of souls, an aspiration our sisters embrace as well. The light of faith is at the heart of who we are, what we do, and how we do it. Planting the seeds of faith in our students’ souls has ramifications far beyond the years during which they attend our schools. Those seeds are meant to bear fruit in eternity.

Excerpted from “Education in the Dominican Tradition” on Nashville Dominicans site (

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