St. Mary's School Wins Elementary Award for Street Painting Festival

St. Mary’s School wins the Elementary School Award for the “Tree of Life” chalk drawing at the Oak Ridge Street Painting Festival. Congratulations to Mrs. Lowden and students Jean, Marigrace, Breea, Brock, Sophie, Ethan, Sofia, Emma, Emery, and Anna on a job well done! A very special thank you to Mrs. Amy Schoenthaler for directing the students’ work.  

St. Mary's School Cross Country Team Sends Three Athletes to State Championship

St. Mary’s School Cross Country team was honored to send three student athletes to the State Cross Country Championships October 18, 2014. “These three individuals have worked very hard to prepare for this event,” said Coach Phil Dalton.  “Their passion for the sport is only second to their desire to improve their own person records,” he added.