Music Ministry


St. Mary’s parish has had a long history of fine liturgical music. The music ministry of our church seeks to serve God, our community, and our neighbors through music. We are committed to expanding our music ministry to include a variety of musical styles and traditions, including but not limited to classical (vocal and instrumental), gospel, traditional hymns, and contemporary Christian praise music. The music ministry seeks to offer music in our church life that reflects the many cultures and traditions of our congregation and its community. We encourage volunteers to share their gifts with the community with the expectation that serving in this ministry would be a blessing to both those serving and the larger community. 

Music liturgies are led by volunteer cantors and choir members. The mission of the Music Ministry is to consistently provide a variety of good music for parish services and to encourage active participation from the church community.  If you are interested in sharing your gifts with one of our choirs, please contact our director of music, Kathy Mesmer.


Kathy Mesmer, Parish Director of Liturgical Music
Phone: (865) 482-2875 Ext. 7

Kathy Mesmer, Parish Director of Music Phone: (865) 482-2875 Ext. 7


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Choir logoChoir Practice Schedule:



Due to pandemic precautions, a small worship team currently provides music for all Masses & parish events with very limited combined rehearsals. 


5:30pm Saturday Vigil and 8am Sunday Masses are led by scheduled and trained cantors.  These cantors are accompanied by one of our 3 parish accompanists on organ or keyboard and often include a guitarist, as well.

10:30am Sunday Masses are led by a small group of cantors, forming a small choir.  Each member is prescheduled by the director of music.  This group is accompanied by one of our 3 parish accompanists, a guitarist and a solo instrument.  

Spanish 2pm Mass Choir:  This small choir is led by Omar and Maria Palacios.  All music is sung in Spanish. 

Young People’s Choir:  This choir rehearses on Wed. 2:15-3:30pm during the school year. The Young People’s Choir consists of a group of youth in grades 4-12, serving all Masses as needed.  Their repertoire ranges from chant and traditional music to contemporary styles.  The choir is directed by Kathy Mesmer and accompanied by Jodi Harbin (piano). 

6:00pm Sunday Masses are led by cantors A Capella. 

*All choirs welcome new vocalists and instrumentalists.  Please contact Kathy Mesmer to find out additional information about participating in the music ministry.