Parish Policies

In order to answer some of the frequently asked questions in regard to Parish policies, not related to sacraments and facility use, we have posted the following for references for parishioners and interested parties.

For information on one of the Sacraments, please visit the Sacraments page. For information on Facility Use for events, please visit the Facilities page.







Parish Fundraiser Policy

In order to ensure that fundraisers happen only with the express knowledge and permission of the Pastor, the following policies have been established.

Parish Fundraising Policy


Weekly Bulletin Guidelines

The weekly Parish bulletin is a popular place for sharing the news of our community. Deadline for submission is noon on the preceding Monday. All submission must be approved by the Pastor. Submit articles to

Bulletin Guidelines




Church Bulletin Board Guidelines

Our Church bulletin Boards offer an additional place to share the news of our community.  All materials and postings must be approved by the Pastor.

Bulletin Board Guidelines