Safe Environment

To comply with the USCCB Charter and Norms, the Diocese of Knoxville’s Safe Environment program requires employees and volunteers to: (A.) pass a background check, (B.) sign the “Diocese of Knoxville Sexual Misconduct Policy” prior to beginning work or volunteering, (C.) attend a “Protecting God’s Children” training session within 30 days of beginning employment or volunteering.



If you suffered abuse, it was not your fault. If you are a victim of sexual abuse by a priest, deacon, or individual representing the Catholic Church, there are several things you can do:

A. Contact the appropriate law enforcement agency, which can help determine options for making a criminal complaint.
B. Contact a local child protection agency, a private attorney, a support group, an abuse hotline, or a mental health professional.
C. Contact a diocesan victim assistance coordinator who is available to help victims/survivors make a formal complaint of abuse to the diocese. The Victim Assistance Coordinator is also available to arrange a personal meeting with the bishop or his representative and to obtain support for the needs of the individual and families.
D. If you believe someone is in imminent danger or this is a situation of current abuse involving a minor please call 911.
E. To report an allegation of abuse or mishandling of allegations of sexual abuse by a bishop please visit the Catholic Bishop Abuse Reporting Service website.
F. To report an allegation of abuse by priest, deacon, religious, or lay church personnel, please contact your local Victim Assistance Coordinator


Diocese of Knoxville procedure for reporting sexual abuse

Anyone who has actual knowledge of or who has reasonable cause to suspect an incident of sexual abuse should report such information to the appropriate civil authorities first, and also to the diocesan victim’s assistance coordinator at (865) 321-9080.

Procedimiento de la Diócesis de Knoxville para reportar casos de abuso sexual

Cualquier persona que tenga conocimiento real o que tenga una causa razonable para sospechar de un incidente de abuso sexual debe reportar primero tal información a las autoridades civiles apropiadas, y a la coordinadora diocesana de asistencia a las víctimas (865) 321-9080.

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