Resumption Update No. 5

Parking Lot Maintenance: Please be aware that some sections of the parking lot will be out of use for several days this coming week, weather permitting, for (long overdue!) maintenance.

Saint Mary School: Bishop Stika has announced a return to on-site learning at all 10 Catholic schools in the diocese for the 2020-’21 academic year, which will begin on Monday, Aug. 3.

Sacrament of Confirmation: In an effort to avoid restrictions of a possible second civil lockdown this winter or spring, and in cooperation with modified procedures issued by Bishop Stika, we will celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation for parish children on Saturday, November 21st, the Memorial of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  This date was selected after consultation with the parents of our fifth graders.

Saint Mary Chapel Security: In order to protect the Most Blessed Sacrament, Saint Mary Chapel will be accessible by keycard only, effective Saturday, August 1.  Contact the parish office for details, 482-2875.  Nighttime access (9 pm – 6 am) is restricted to members of the St. John Paul II Perpetual Adoration Society. Seating capacity at this time is strictly restricted to a maximum of two households at a time for the duration of the pandemic.

Thursday Evening Mass: Please be aware that there will be no Thursday evening EF Mass for the remainder of this month.  This Mass will resume the first Thursday of August.

Our Lady of Oak Ridge: Many thanks to the Knights of Columbus and their assistants for constructing a protective structure around our peace statue.  Bishop Adrian of Nashville dedicated our peace statue under the very special title “Our Lady of Oak Ridge” on October 12th, 1958 as a peaceful symbol of hope during both the international Cold War and the national movement against Jim Crow segregation.  Please visit our peace statue and pray the “Prayer to Our Lady of Oak Ridge”.

Prayer to Our Lady of Oak Ridge

Pray, Our Lady of Oak Ridge, for us all. Pray for humanity: for those who suffer poverty and injustice, violence and hatred, terror and war. Help us to contemplate with the Holy Rosary the mysteries of Christ, Who is our lasting peace, so that we may all commit ourselves to a persevering dedication to peace: in our hearts and homes, among neighbors and among nations. Look with special attention upon this city of Oak Ridge, and encourage us to invite all our searching neighbors into the mercy and peace of your Son. Guide us to become the face of our Heavenly Christ as we serve others here on earth. Pray for us, Our Lady of Oak Ridge, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.