Happy Easter, and Some Sad News

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope you’re all having a happy Easter Octave.  After celebrating the Palm Sunday, Sacred Triduum and Easter Octave without the presence of parishioners last year, I’m very grateful that we had a sizable representation of the parish for these celebrations this year.  Thank you for your patience and innovation over these past twelve months.

Your response to our “40 Days to 40 Friends” project was impressive.  From the forms I received during Holy Week, it looks like around 1,920 calls were made, which means almost half of our parishioners received a call.  Well done!  The social fabric of our parish is even stronger now because of you!

It is with considerable sadness for us, but excitement for him, that I announce that Omar, after a period of discernment and consultation, has decided to move on from his leadership position as our youth ministry coordinator.  Omar is an ideal lay minister: he loves his faith and his family, and he has eagerly taken the right steps to do the most he can in support of both over the years.  Omar’s deep knowledge of the Catholic Faith, and his pronounced ability to communicate it to searching adolescents, has served our parish well during his time leading our youth.  Please join me in thanking Omar for his exceptionally capable work as our youth ministry coordinator.  Omar’s last day as our youth ministry coordinator is Friday, May 14th.  I will post the Youth Ministry Coordinator position on our parish website on Tuesday at noon.  I hope to have the position filled by July 1st.

The penitential days of the Church are every Friday of the whole year, and abstinence from meat (or from some alternative food) is to be observed on all Fridays, UNLESS a solemnity falls on a Friday.  Well, this Friday is part of the Easter Octave, which means it has the rank of a solemnity.  So, enjoy a hamburger!


In Our Resurrected Christ,

Father Shelton