Parish Finance Council

Parish Finance Council
Saint Mary Parish, Oak Ridge, Tenn.

A. The Parish Finance Council is one of two parish councils providing advisory support to the Parish Pastor, the other parish council being the Parish Pastoral Council. The Parish Finance Council (PFC) advises the Parish Pastor on matters pertaining to the financial wellbeing of the parish.
B. While the PFC does not have decision making authority, its members provide useful dialogue in the pastor’s decision making process. The Parish Pastor will ordinarily consult with the PFC about: preparation of the annual parish budget, quarterly financial reports, the preparation of financial reports to be distributed to parishioners, any unbudgeted expenditure of funds at or above $1000, any sell of parish furnishings or property valued at or above $1000, etc. Unbudgeted expenditures at or above $10,000 require explicit permission from the bishop. The PFC follows diocesan procedures for oversight of collection, counting and spending of weekly cash donations.
C. There shall be at least three members of this parish council, each appointed by the Parish Pastor to an indefinite term. Resignations, which shall provide at least a 30 day notice, are made in writing directly to the Parish Pastor. Requests for new members shall be published in the parish bulletin for three consecutive weeks, and the names of newly appointed members shall be published in the bulletin. Members shall be parishioners possessing the relevant virtues and skills, especially honesty and communication.
D. The two officers are the Chairman and the Secretary. The Parish Pastor appoints these officers to their respective positions for indefinite terms. The Chairman conducts the meetings in the presence of the Parish Pastor, and the Secretary records the minutes. The Chairman is an ex officio member of the Parish Pastoral Council, and so should familiarize himself with its statutes.
E. All discussions taking place—and documents shared—during meetings are confidential, except for those details recorded in the minutes. The minutes become part of the permanent records of the parish.
F. Meetings occur at least four times per year. The Parish Pastor prepares the agenda. A quorum of at least three voting members is required for meetings.
G. Members are to avoid conflicts of interest, and may not serve as donation collectors at Mass, or donation counters after Mass. Similarly, the spouse or minor child of a PFC member may not serve as a donation collector at Mass, or donation counter after Mass.
H. Those responsible for proposing any budgetary needs of the various parish pastoral initiatives should provide their respective proposals to the PFC by no later than 90 days before the beginning of the new fiscal year.
I. Regarding Associations of the Faithful (“sodalities”) with distinct accounting procedures, the PFC may advise the Parish Pastor regarding any fundraising activities of such groups which occur on parish property, or which utilize parish means of communication.
J. The PFC assists the Parish Pastor in ensuring that the parish is in compliance with relevant tax and licensing requirements.